Ensure safety of your loved ones with same notification.

Notification sharing with  End-to-end encryption.


Same notification is a parental monitoring app that helps parents keep their child safer online. As soon as child’s device receives any notification, you will be notified with the same notification by this app at same time with all the details which you can monitor and make sure that child is safe.

The app enables you to monitor notifications received by the device of your child. Monitoring child’s device’s notification can help you understand his activity and helps to make sure that child is not receiving any harmful or hateful notification.

All you have to do is pair child’s device with your device through the same notification app and all the notifications received by child’s device can be Monitored in parent’s device too.

You can choose which apps notifications you want to monitor of your child’s device. You can choose to monitor all the notifications received in child’s device or select few apps to monitor. All the power is in your hand.
App is designed in such manner that it is in the easiest form to pair child’s device.

Why use Same notification:
-To monitor notifications of the paired device in real-time..
-Persistent notification is shown all the time while notification sharing is working.
-Even if the child deletes notification, it still gets shared with the parent’s device.

“Notification(s) are very sensitive data to be shared so be careful with whom notifications are getting shared “. Also persistent notification is shown to make sure you are aware that your notifications are getting shared.

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Happy sharing..!!

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